Data & Dashboards


To view current and past data for students, faculty, and staff, click here to open the Factbook and Fastfacts.

Student Success Dashboard

This dashboard provides data for student success metrics, including enrollment, retention rates, graduation rates, KCTCS transfers, degrees awarded, and DFW rates with numerous filtering possibilities.

Student Success Reports

Student Success Reports are available for programs in EKU colleges, Enrollment Management Services, Graduate School, and University Programs from 2008-2014. Year to Year Retention Rates are available for Freshmen, Continuing Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and New Transfers from Fall 2006-Fall 2013. 

Meaningful Measures

Charts providing oversight of data for Enrollment Totals, Retention Rates, ACT Scores, Degrees Awarded, and Graduation Cohorts.

STEM+H Dashboard

Interactive table for Enrollment Totals, STEM+H Enrollment Totals, Degrees Awarded, and Retention Rates for Fall 2009-Fall 2014. View data by selecting Stem, College, Department, and Program.